SIAC Briefs on Recent Joint Meeting Between North and South Carolina PD Committees

SIAC Briefs on Recent Joint Meeting Between North and South Carolina PD Committees

Recently, the Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC) coordinated a joint meeting of the North and South Carolina Police Chiefs Alarm Management Committees. The meeting was held at the Charlotte Motor Speedway’s Speedway Club in Concord, North Carolina.  Members of each committee were present, and each state conducted their respective individual meetings during the joint session.

Highlights of the meetings included South Carolina’s continuing pursuit of statewide 2-call legislation, which was tabled due to continued objection by some lawmakers. Future strategies will be discussed at the March committee meeting at the Rock Hill PD.  South Carolina Electronic Security and Technology Association (SCESA) has renewed its annual scholarship program for children of law enforcement officers and discussed plans for expanding the program in the future.  North Carolina Electronic Security Association (NC-ESA) also highlighted its renewing of the scholarship program for children of law enforcement officers, as well as its preparation to return to in-person meetings and conferences.  SIAC was invited to make a presentation on Alarm Management at future North Carolina Chiefs’ “New Chief” orientations sessions.

Both committees’ agendas included a review of the Model Alarm Ordinance and ensuring the ordinance was on both the police chiefs association’s and the alarm association’s websites along with the law enforcement video on Alarm Management. Future Alarm Management Seminars were discussed along with identifying agencies needing assistance in reducing alarm calls.

During the meeting SIAC provided a review of the highlights of SIAC’s Study, Assessing the Effectiveness of the Model Alarm Ordinance: A Case Study of Four Cities. Alarm Industry representatives from CPI Security, Priority One Security and Security Central presented information on the new AVS-01 standard, followed by a spirited discussion on ASAP to PSAP.  Lunch was sponsored by CPI Security and

Priority One Security and continued with discussions among attendees highlighting the value of the return of in-person meetings.

The positive energies and work of the committees continues to show the success of the Alarm Management Committee Concept of bringing law enforcement and the alarm industry together.

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