Interested in Becoming an Instructor for NYELSA Training? Become a NTS Certified Instructor!

The NYLESA is looking for instructors. This a great opportunity to assist in strengthening the work force in your industry!

If you are interested in beginning the process to become an NTS NYELSA 81 hour certified instructor please simply email or call 800-556-9232.  These are paid positions.

Becoming a Certified Instructor is Easy!

1.  Take and pass ALL 4 parts of the 81 course and pass with and 80% or better.

2.  Pass the National Training School Instructors Exams for Level 1, Advanced Intrusion Systems and Life Safety Systems.

3.  You will have to Student Teach along side a certified instructor for all 4 parts of an 81 hour course cycle.

4.  Either take and pass the 81 hour course New York State licensing exam or possess a 6D license.

Tom Powers
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